Family Dollar Mission Statement

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Family Dollar is a well-known retail discount store in forty six states. Family Dollar stores have reasonably priced products and they are located in easily accessible areas. Back in 1959 a man by the name of Leon Levine founded the first Family Dollar store in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Family Dollar Stores Inc. 2014, PG.4) Ten years later the company was incorporated in Delaware. One year after being incorporated Family Dollar started to offer common stocks to the public, now in 2014 the company’s stock are traded on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker symbol “FDO”. (Family Dollar Stores Inc. 2014, Pg.4) Family Dollars mission is to give their customers an imperative place to shop, their team members a fascinating place of employment, and their shareholders a compelling place to invest. Their goal is to give the customers quality and convenience in an environment of working class people. (Family Dollar Store Inc. 2014,…show more content…
Family Dollar has stores located in large urban markets, small urban markets, strip malls, free standing buildings, and downtown buildings. (Family Dollar Stores Inc. 2014, Pg. 7) see chart 2 By the end of the fiscal 2014 Family Dollar had 8,042 stores which equaled 58.1 million selling sq. feet. (Family Dollar Store Inc. 2014, Pg.7) Family dollar stores provide their customers with everyday needs and seasonal merchandise at reasonable prices. Some things the Family Dollar offers are health and beauty products, food products, tobacco products, first aid products, cleaning products, stationary products, household products, and seasonal products. (Family Dollar Store Inc. 2014, Pg.8) See chart 3 Family Dollar has 60,000 full time and part time employees. (Family Dollar Store Inc. 2014, Pg. 10) Family Dollar Stores are located in 46 states and the District of Columbia, Texas having the most Family Dollar stores. (Family Dollar Store Inc. 2014, Pg. 23) see chart

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