Respectful Relationships And Boundaries Analysis

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Having a respectful relationship and boundary between myself and my parents is a value that I’ll be unwilling to compromise. There have been several instances where I’d visit a friend’s house and notice the extreme contrast between their environmental influences versus mines. My friend and her parents would cuss in front of each other and are comfortable enough to have conversations on a peer to peer level. Her mom generally disregards whenever her daughter would rudely talk back, act on a command slowly, and occasionally ignore her. In my household, none of my siblings and I would think twice to use profanity around my parents, if even at all. In addition, whenever we’re asked to complete a task by them we’re usually required to stop what we’re doing and attend to their needs/wants; unless respectfully negotiated. For instance, if my mom instructs me to wash the dishes while I’m finishing up a book, I’d have to politely communicate by asking to find a stopping point in my book before doing the dishes; unlike my peers, who would most likely complete their authority’s task on their own time without any form…show more content…
On school days, my mates would pressure me into going astray from my studies and go out for leisure. Since I’m transitioning from Atlanta to Macon, they insist that I’ll never adjust in Macon if I keep up with the same “lifeless” routines. The discipline installed in me wouldn’t be able to do so without feeling guilty. One of the times that I was invited to a college party that I chose not to attend, turned out to be an event was shut down by police officers due to illegal drug usage and a brawl that broke out. Nevertheless, I can come to terms with partaking in pleasurable activities on the weekends, but I strive for productiveness especially on

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