Short Story: The Old Man And The Sea

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The old man and the sea The boy was back now with the sardines and the two baits wrapped in a newspaper and they went down the trail to the skiff, feeling the pebbled sand under their feet, and lifted the skiff and slid her into the water. “Good luck old man.” “Good luck,” the old man said. The boy stands on the beach watching Santiago’s Skiff sailing away, and he thinks “I wish the interminable eighty four days of unluckiness end today - God be with you old man God be with you” he starts walking away heading to his work while thinking “I hope he comes back with a fish not only to prove everybody wrong but also to satisfy his loneliness, it has been a long time since he had some company with him on the boat. Well then San Pedro tell God to…show more content…
I will see you tomorrow” the captain answers, “See you tomorrow Manolin”. Manolin runs and gathers the scores, newspaper, food and water and goes to the old man’s shack and prepares all the things on the table,“Well then old man you will be happy with this - I can't wait for you to come back - please God make the old man come home safe and also with a fish so that he breaks this unluckiness”. A Long time after the time Santiago was expected to be home, Manolin started to become worried, “Where is the old man - I hope he is fine - oh my God it is all my fault I should have went with him - where is he? - now he was not only lonely in his life but know he is also lonely at the sea”. After waiting another hour he thinks “Where are you old man? I have to go home or my father will punish me - where are you? please God take care of him”. The boy decides to leave in the hope that when he comes back the next day he finds him. While walking back to his home he thinks before he leaves “Is the old man hungry? Is the old man tired? or is he out of bait? - what is he feeling? is he feeling lonely or…show more content…
Manolin wakes up and heads directly to the old mans shack and finds it empty. While sitting on the door of the shack crying he though of the old man “oh!! I’m sure that something happened to him - I need help to find the old man but he could be just on the coast and if I tell the whole village my father will know and he will then punish me - I will go to my work and after I finish my work i will come back and if I don’t find the old then i shall tell the village”. He heads to his work. After a long day of fishing on the boat the boy heads back to the shack and doesn't find him “Que va Que va Que va is the old man dead!!! Oh my God he could be dead because of thirst, hunger or a tiburon I need to tell the village I have to find him”. The boy Goes to the village and spreads out the word about the old man’s disappearance, so rescue missions were set out until the end of the day the boy was walking to his home he kept on thinking “I believe in you old man I believe in you I believe that you are still alive I will wait for you”.After search missions ended the boy heads back to his home, he stops to get the Baseball scores and says “ the new york

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