Amniotic Egg Lab Report

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This report will try to answer what will happen to a raw egg left for 48 hours in different liquids. The first topic that will be discussed will be diffusion. That will lead to my second topic which is about amniotic eggs. Following up, this composition will study: vinegar and eggs, sugar and eggs, while mentioning a bit about egg membranes as well. Now, this paper will turn to diffusion. Diffusion is the passive movement of molecules or particles along a concentration gradient, or from regions of high concentration to low concentration. It’s one of three methods that allow substances to pass through the membrane, which are osmosis, and active transport. However, not all molecules can pass through the membrane using those three methods.…show more content…
A number of things in vinegar and sugar would cause the egg to change its form, like what it’s made of, and its pH level, and even the acidity of the liquid. The eggshell is made out of calcium carbonate, and vinegar is made out of acetic acid, water and other trace chemicals. First, to understand how each material affect the shell, one must comprehend what the material means or is. Calcium carbonate is a white crystalline commonly found in chalk, limestone, marble, and… shells. Now, acetic acid, is acidic. It is a clear colorless sour acidic liquid. Calcium carbonate will not dissolve in water or alcohol. The calcium carbonate will dissolve with effervescence in acetic acid. It’s all just a chemical reaction. What the question remains now is, how will the shell dissolve, or, will it dissolve completely, and also, what will happen to the inside of the egg in the vinegar. Corn syrup is an entirely different liquid compared to vinegar. It’s thicker, sugary, and starchy. It is made out of cornstarch, and maltose, which is sugar produced by the breakdown of starch. So, corn syrup contains sugar, and sugar molecules are bigger molecules, and as mentioned before, it’s more complicated for bigger molecules to pass through the membrane at all. Finallyhe approximate pH level of corn syrup is +5. When putting an egg in corn syrup, you create a scenario where the egg membrane

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