Enormous Wings

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perception of the unreal and sheds light on the transitive. Blending two polar opposites together creates diversion, as the reader looks closer at the core principle of the novella. Placing fantasy and history creates a diversion of ideas to both the characters of the story and readers of the book. It’s not difficult to find mythical uncertainty in the text’s uncanny imagery, which causes bewilderment. Marquez adds a touch of magic to both the old man and ultimately, his story. This act of distraction is similar to a magician’s trick. The author of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings practices this with his juggle between the norm and the fantastical. Suddenly, one of the main characters finds, “A very old man, lying face down in the mud,…show more content…
Both the characters and the reader are conditioned to perceive oddity as normal. Pelayo and his wife, Elisenda view the invasion of the crabs and the landing of the winged creature as similar nuances. Both the crabs and the man are treated no differently than an animal. “Then he noticed close up he was too human: he had an unbearable smell…the back side of his wings was strewn with parasites and his main feathers had been mistreated…nothing about him measured up to the proud dignity of the angels.” (Garcia- Marquez 106) In a blink of an eye, the angel turns into a beast. Pelayo’s interpretation of the animal-like man makes the world he lives in more credible than ever, creating a vulnerable spot for the reader. Readers see the bizarre elements associate with the old man, which correlate with widely ignored fantastical elements associated with an ordinary seaside village. If these pieces make up a magical realist story, then confused readers will believe it wholeheartedly. Wings should represent freedom, meanwhile, they only cause the old man to become dehumanized. Garcia- Marquez pokes at what humans ignore and triggers…show more content…
Any clash of two separate ideas usually becomes unaccepted in culture. The world of the real and surreal is just a smaller concept correlated to human acceptance and judgment. Nobel Prize laureate, our author makes an allusion to the upbringings of his story. I know that Marquez is emphasizing the importance of his literary genre and its redefinition of fantasy. This author can create his own literary style without needing fit in one composition one or the other. I appreciate that Garcia- Marquez’s work has no boundary and can freely express his thoughts through writing about both worlds. He proves even literature far fetched enough for the imagination is raw enough to be believable. The old man can’t be labeled, whereas the book is redefining the literary world. Marquez had a knack for creating turmoil to connect revere to the same conflicts that readers can live through. The winged old man in A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings teaches readers of the real to see the fantastical in everything. The author’s personal struggles shine through the subject of the theme

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