Elon Musk Case Study

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Introduction Elon Musk is known as one of the very best entrepreneurs of the world. Next to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet he is found to have one of the greatest self made fortunes ever seen. As an entrepreneur he started from almost nothing and built his way to the top. He is an incredible businessman and a role model for many people. He is responsible for the success of billion dollar-valued companies such as SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Hyper loop and Solar City. PayPal was his way in the world of big entrepreneurs. He sold it for 1.5 Billion dollars; this gave him the chance to create new companies that require big investments. Next to PayPal we can see that his main focus is on transport. It started of with SpaceX (space exploration corporations). Followed by Tesla Motors Inc. (company that produces electric cars) and now also Hyperloop (high speed trains). Discussion…show more content…
The pioneers in this sector are France and Japan. Mr. Musk wants to bring it to America. He first mentioned his idea called Hyperloop back in 2012. He wants to bring back an old science fiction called the vacuum train that started back in 1910. Mainly a futuristic image of a capsule inside of tube powered by a type of wind propeller. The speed of this train is estimated at 1200km/h, which is faster then commercial airplanes. This means that a trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles would be close to half an hour. A plane needs one hour and fifteen minutes without counting the many security checks in the US. A car needs five hours and thirty minutes. Hyperloop has the potential to be the fastest and most ecological way of transport in the world. The budget needed for building Hyperloop costs a tenth of what is needed to build a normal railway and a forth of a

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