Enormous Wings

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Wing Yan Fung Geoffrey Green ENG 565-01 11/19/2014 Analysis of Enormous Wings In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, a lot of things have discussed behind this story. The first one is magical realism; where it combines with real people such as Pelayo and Elisenda and their living style, and some fantasy stuff that should not be exist in the real world, but blends into this story, such as the angel and the spider woman. At the beginning of the story, the author uses a fairy-tale like description of the endless rain, using metaphors, “The world had been sad since Tuesday” (1069). There is a clash of the ordinary and the fantastic in the descriptions on the imagery, including the swarm of crabs that invaded the home…show more content…
Throughout the story, there are moments of striking cruelty and callousness. For example, after the child of Elisenda and Pelayo recovers from his illness, the parents decide that the old man should put on a raft with provisions for three days and not killing him which it is hardly a kind act, but puts a concession to the old angel’s difficult situation. However, once they discover that they can profit by showcasing him; they imprison the old angel in a chicken coop outside, where strangers pelt him with stones, gawk at him and even burn him with a branding iron. “But when they went out into the courtyard with the first light of dawn, they found the neighborhood in front of the chicken coop having fun with the angel, without the slightest reverence, tossing him things to eat through the openings in the wire as if he weren’t a supernatural creature but a circus animal” (Marquez 1070). Even though the old man is taken in only grudgingly, he eventually becomes part of Pelayo and Elisenda’s household. When the old man finally flies into the sunset, Elisenda fusses about this and sees him go with a hint of regret. In addition, it is the old man’s extreme patience with the villagers that have ultimately transforms both Pelayo and Elisenda’s lies. Seen in this perspective, the old angel’s refusal to leave could be interpreted as an act of compassion to help the poor

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