Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be An English Teacher

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There is a famous saying which goes: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” As an English major student, instead of being a translator or interpreter, I want to be an English teacher so that my students can speak and write English by themselves. In this way, they will benefit a lot for their whole life time. Since I was a child, I have deeply influenced by my cousin who is an English teacher, enjoying great popularity among her students. My cousin’s humours and cogent English speech aroused my greatest interest in English. Under my cousin’s instruction, I have a better understanding of how to be a teacher and to learn English effectively. Then, when I was enrolled by Shenzhen University,…show more content…
I determined to work hard to improve my English proficiency and maintain a balance between study and my volunteer works. Owing to my diligence and intelligence, my academic records are better and better and I was awarded“Outstanding Volunteer ”in one of my volunteer works. In the last year of my college life, I will continue to do my utmost to lay a solid foundation of my English study. During the first summer holiday and the next summer holiday of my college life, I worked as an English teacher in Jin Zhanhong Paint Co,. Ltd. My task is to improve oral English of the staff in the company and teach them any English terms related to paint. As soon as I knew their requirements, I made some inquires among my ‘special students’, for I thought it is crucial to get familiar with your students at…show more content…
Nonetheless, a student’s mind is too complicated to understand, and how could I suppose to understand my students well. Hence, I found it necessary to take one of normal school students’ compulsory courses – psychology. The first time I attended the class, I was entirely fascinated by the explanation of people’s behaviour from the psychological point of view. Since then, I did a lot of reading and took all kinds of psychological tests. Thanks to my hard work, I not only got the highest score among ninety-six students, but also have a better understanding of the interactive relationship between pedagogy and psychology. Furthermore, I believe that my further research of education will benefit a lot from the study of Abraham Harold Maslow's hierarchy of

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