Short Essay On Water Pollution

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Water pollution is a severe problem which prevails all over the world. Almost 70% of the total surface water as well as groundwater reserves are contaminated by biological, toxic, organic, and inorganic pollutants [1]. The contaminated water resources can contribute to water scarcity as it limits its availability for human consumption and ecosystem services. The industrial and domestic sectors contribute to high incidence of water pollution than other sectors. The usage of synthetic chemical compounds in the industrial activities adds up to the loads of organic and inorganic pollutants in water that exceeds the regeneration capacity of the natural water resource [2]. The overall growth of chemical industries depends on the dyes and dye intermediates manufacturing industries. Dyes are extensively colored substances used for the coloration of paper, leather, fur, hair, food, drugs, cosmetics, waxes, greases, petroleum products, plastics, and textiles. The methods used for the application of dyes to substrate differ widely, depending upon the nature of substrate and class of dye used [3, 4]. Dyes are broadly classified as acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, disperse dyes, fluorescent highlighters, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes and vat dyes. Dyes are produced through variety…show more content…
Many technologies have been developed for dye removal from aquatic environments, including coagulation, filtration with coagulation, precipitation, ozonation, adsorption, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and advanced oxidation processes. Among the possible techniques for water treatments, the adsorption process by solid adsorbents is considered to be one of the most efficient methods for the treatment and removal of organic contaminants from wastewater treatment [8, 11,
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