Purpose Of Education Essay

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The purpose of education is to gain knowledge and skills so that people can lead a prosperous and happy life, and the society can advance as a whole. The ability to educate is one thing that differentiates man from other animals. Man, who lived as tribal people before civilizations, passed his knowledge from generation to generation through informal teaching. However, when man advanced and became an organized society, he established formal institutions that specialized in passing knowledge to the next generations. Nevertheless, we inherited the modern education system from the former British rulers, who governed our country for several centuries. Under the police adopted by the successive governments after independence, public schools became…show more content…
They do not have a qualified teachers who can teach in English. Furthermore, many international schools do not pay competitive salaries, which make it impossible to attract qualified teachers. Also, the people with good English skills get well-paid jobs in other sectors. Therefore, many international schools lack qualified teachers. By improving the level of collaboration between public and private schools, government can improve the quality of education. For example, some expertise and skills that are available in international schools are not available in public schools. If the government can introduce a mechanism to improve collaboration between public and private school, it helps to exchange resources among schools. Also, privet and the public schools can organize common events such as sport activities, which improve the understanding of students. Also the government should ensure that the international schools include the subjects that are relevant to Sri Lanka such as history and religious education. Major complaint level against international schools is that they promote western values and cultures through international curriculum at the expense of local values. If the government supervises and regulates international schools closely, it can ensure that they teach what is relevant to Sri

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