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OBSERVATION #2 – Who is the Child? Describe the context for where you are observing the child. Include what is available for the child to choose from I watched the child from the moment of the last class activity in the classroom and then during the out-door time on the play-ground while Kiril was taken by his mother. It can be said that this was the final period of the child's stay in school during the day. During this time, Kiril had a large number of choices, what to do or what to choose in the different situations, and how to react in these situations. From the site, it was noticeable that he wanted to be aware of all that is currently going on at all. As well as that turns out or does not turn out at children while they draw, and does is everyone clean up the workplace after himself. Does anyone forgotten his/her work to show it to the parents? Does he need to help someone? Where is the teacher and what does she say? Why did Karina suddenly cry? Who is going to be first in the line to go to the playground? and so on. On this time of observation Kiril was very involved in each process of the daily class routine. What choices did the child make during these 45 minutes about what to do and what…show more content…
Similarly, the response of other children was consistent with his behavior and actions. He was really involved in the process of considering the drawings of other children. His observation and communication Kiril carried out without interrupting the actions of other children and without hindering them. I also liked switching Kiril from communicating with girls to clean up his place. He was not pleased to hear criticism, but he did not say anything like this in response, but switched (consciously or unconsciously) his emotions and action from one action to another. Although, I am interested in what would happen next if the girls praised his

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