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Government Training of Service Dogs The smartest and most self-sacrificing species being used in the crime force is a tradition that will never fail. In 1899, the first police dog program began. The dogs patrolled with the police officers which resulted in reduced crime. Specialized schools opened up in order to train the dogs. Training consists of obedience, overcoming obstacles, and scent training. Additionally, a strong bond is formed between the officer and his dog. Although many think that crime investigation is done predominantly through technology, the use of trained and approved service dogs is more accurate. The first step to becoming a certified police dog is meeting all the requirements. To begin, a dog is selected from a vendor…show more content…
These dogs are able to alert their handlers of drugs, explosives, guns, and other possible dangers. Technology and people cannot sense these things. They have a better sense of smell than humans do, and they can perceive danger. Dogs can lead their handlers to suspects that have escaped, and technology cannot. On top of this, they can also hunt down people who have been kidnapped by simply getting their scent. By smelling surroundings, evidence, or even the air, dogs can trace a scent and lead it back to possible suspects. If their handler is hurt, dogs can lead other officers to help rescue him. These dogs are very well trained, and they know when something is not right. Their training allows them to interact well with humans, and this allows them to save lives. Within an article on the incredible things police dogs do the author states, “Police dogs do important things every day. Sometimes they save their handlers' lives. Other times they find missing children. They find hidden drugs, bombs, and guns. Some track and catch suspects who run away from police officers. They also protect their handlers” (CHAPTER 5: Stories About Police Dogs para. 1). The things dogs can do when put to the test are

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