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MARKETING RESEARCH ANALYSIS ON HEINZ FOOD SERVICE CHANNEL Summer internship report submitted in partial fulfilment of the Degree of Master of Business Administration of Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai By VIGNESH KUMAR R Reg No – 1411110 Under the guidance of Internal Guide : Prof. Dr. S GOSWAMI External Guide : Mr. SUNDARRAJAN, HR HEINZ-MADURAI Thiagarajar School of Management Autonomous (Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University) Madurai – 625 005 May– June 2015 CERTIFICATE FROM COLLEGE DECLARATION BY THE CANDIDATE VIGNESH KUMAR R Reg No – 1411110 II MBA THIAGARAJAR SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MADURAI – 5…show more content…
It is used as an accompaniment with various food items like French fries, burgers, chips, sandwiches, and also as a base for other sauces. Earlier, this ketchup was thin and watery; it is now available as a thicker sauce. The global ketchup market is growing rapidly. Tomato is a major ingredient for any ketchup or sauce because of its various health benefits. • The global tomato ketchup market is gaining maximum share from the US and Europe and also growing in Asia Pacific and Middle East. This market is expected to reach USD 3.3 billion by 2015. The growth of the market is highly driven by various factors such as rising adoption of Western lifestyle, awareness of product innovation and its categories, increasing consumption of various different flavours, multitude of cuisines and gourmet varieties. • There are various factors that have fuelled the growth patterns of the tomato ketchup market - changing lifestyle and eating habits, consumer shift towards cooking at home rather than eating in restaurants and demand for semi-prepared food and packaged food products. Global tomato ketchup gets the highest share from local players in the market as there are very less international players present in the market. Tomato ketchup brands and products are globalized across the world in high demand and high market…show more content…
Jyothi International and PK stores are to be one of the important suppliers of ketchup and sachets. Delmonte, kissan and tiffy are show as the most used sauces and ketchups. FINDINGS: • Heinz Company has very less market share among other competitors. • There is very less awareness about the product compared to other brands. • The cost of the product is very high which results in less purchase by hotels and restaurants. • The quality of the sauce is good compared to other brands (as they don’t use any preservatives). • Many outlets want to try out Heinz products if the cost of the product reduces. • Heinz company do not have tie ups with any kind of fast food outlets. • Heinz has failed to attract the mid range hotels and restaurants • Many other local brands such as Babas, Supreme, Hillers have took hold of the mid and low range hotels by reducing their prices. • There are no offers given by Heinz Company to its purchasers, like kissan is giving up combo offers to its

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