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Kevin is missing, his parents are dead and there is nothing left to help find him other than a cryptic note. “Their journey takes them to the coast of Panama, where they must confront unfriendly locals, and a surfer who seems bent on destroying them…” Are Luca and Esme in way over their heads and diving towards the same fate as Kevin? The novel “Dawn Patrol” by Jeff Ross is set in Panama and opens with the two main characters arriving in Bocas Del Mar, a small island off Panama. Sounds like the perfect summer holiday after finishing high school. Not quite. Six months ago Esme’s boyfriend, Kevin lost both his parents in a tragic plane crash then Kevin disappeared. Aware of Kevin’s love for surfing and obsession about chasing the next large wave, they figure he’ll show up in Bocas famous for its enormous waves. From the moment Esme and Luca arrive in Bocas odd things begin to happen. Luca and Esme start their search by asking fellow surfers if they have seen Kevin. Luca notices a suspicious looking surfer named Jose, who bolts away as soon as he sees him. Their next meeting finds Luca being forced onto deadly rocks. Was this just an accident or something more sinister? Luca befriends a female surfer, who he fancies. Is she really friendly or does she have other motives for…show more content…
I found it difficult to engage with the characters because I am not a surfer nor do I find surfing all that interesting. The novel would definitely appeal to readers who enjoy this sport or other extreme sports, as it is full of technical jargon which surfing enthusiasts would understand and appreciate. “The water was choppy. I struggled to hold on. If I bailed, I was done for. The coming wave would suck me in and spit me out the back after it had raked me across the reef”. Due to these types of references, I tended to lose interest in the

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