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Service dogs are now used for numerous types of disabilities. The dogs are trained in very unique ways, so that they are useful in all tasks. Service dogs are not just used for the blind nor are they just German shepherds. Autism patients benefit from a service animal: for companion animal, for safeguard for autistic wanders. The cost for this type of service dog is expensive. The extraordinary versatilities are the German shepherd outside of the Conformation ring. Disabled veterans also use the German shepherd dog for service dog. The dogs are generally trained with extra tasks. Variety of Service dogs Elizabeth Mullen’s stated she had to sneak in and catch her son asleep to cuddle him. She then found out he had a sensory processing and apraxia, a frustrating speech disorder that causes the patient to know what they want; however,…show more content…
The service dogs are now legally recognized under the federal Americans With Disabilities Act because they serve as providing physical tasks that aide a person with disabilities. The service dogs are known as a healing animal because the dog allows the parents to rest assured that the dog alerts them if the autistic child gets up in the night. (Arky, 2012) The German shepherd dog is known for its extraordinary versatility outside of the Conformation ring: Agility, Rally, and herding, tracking, and Law enforcement, personal protection, and always as a great companion and family dog. Mr. Frank, a blind man, returned from Switzerland in 1929, with his German shepherd dog leading the way. That opened the door to a movement that would be led by German shepherd dog lovers. The Seeing Eye School in New Jersey was using the German shepherd dog that was generally used for the blind and now being trained and used for other disabilities. The German shepherd breed had intelligence, and trainability which gave them a desirable place in the service industry. First and foremost important was the temperament and second was the

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