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The role of service dogs in a person with a disability’s life is to make living easier. A service dog allows for that person to become more independent and happy. Service dogs can be used for a lot of purposed but they are most commonly used for guidance, hearing, and assisting people with physical disabilities. An important factor in selecting a service dog is selecting the right breed of dog. When choosing a service dog it must be of the appropriate size, big enough to perform tasks such as reaching door handles and light switches, but also small enough to fit under tables or on public transportation. Assistance dog programs most commonly use German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers for their characteristics which qualify…show more content…
Someone with a mobile disability is unable to walk or perform everyday tasks for themselves. “The mobility assistance dog is an invaluable helper, quietly serving its partner with tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do on their own” ( A mobility assistant dog generally goes through six months to a year of training before it is ready to be placed with its forever owner. A mobility assistance dog has the most tasks out of all service dogs providing assistance for almost all parts of a mobile disabled persons’ life. “A number of tasks enumerated in this section could empower such individuals to conserve energy, reduce or avoid pain, minimize dependency on loved ones, prevent injuries or get help in a crisis” ( A few retrieval tasks of a mobility assistant dog includes bringing in bags, fetching drinks, carrying clothes or shoes, retrieve objects targeted by a laser pointer, return dropped items, and retrieve other various objects for their master ( A service dog must also be able to assist its master in tug based tasks. A few tug based tasks include opening doors, opening drawers, close doors, assist in undressing, drag heavy objects around the house, and turn lights on and off ( A mobility assistant dog may also help their master by assist in moving them in and out of their wheelchair by acting as a brace to help them gain stability. Mobility assistant dogs make the lives of people who are disabled easier by helping them with the everyday tasks they couldn’t do on their

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