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Service and guide dogs, once the exclusive province of the blind, now are improving life for an increasing number of Americans, including the hearing impaired wheel chair users, the mentally disabled and much more. A service dog is placed with an individual who has a physical disability and can work with his or her dog independently. In addition to the basics- fetching, carrying, opening doors- service and guide dogs have been taught dozens of jobs. Such as opening and closing doors for their handlers, turning light switches on and off, picking up things from the floor, pulling a wheelchair, and even carrying a purse or a bag. In addition, service dogs can be specifically trained to retrieve objects--like the phone! Service dogs can even be…show more content…
Keeping the dogs in good shape is high priority. “Lackland has $13 Million veterinary hospital, where dogs retrieve everything from checkups, ultrasounds and surgery to rehabilitation and central care- including root canals” (White Pg.1+3). Raising and training them is expensive: $10,000-$25,000 depending on the disability. They’re trained to behave impeccably and respond instantly. Service and guide dogs also must be certified for access to public spaces. The puppies wear special bandannas or vests when they are out in public to let people know they are in training. “Certification depends on a dog’s ability to perform tasks that enhance a partner’s independence” (Brecher Pg. 1-3). Some tasks they might have to perform to get certified are work in a harness, obey commands; sit, stay, come, down, learn to navigate, alert their owners.. They then are paired with a blind person, diabetic, ext. And both are trained to work together as a team. Scouts are instructed to expose their puppies to things they will experience out on the job. For example the dogs are exposed to the low blood-sugar scent in training before being placed with a

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