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Tessa Burns Ms. Sweigart American Sign Language 4 May 2015 Service Dogs for the Deaf Service dogs have been used for the deaf for many years now and the history behind them is exceptionally interesting to learn about. They are a convenient and practical tool to have available for those who are hard of hearing. The use of service dogs are controversial among the Deaf community and among business owners. There is a somewhat long and thought out process of training a service dog but if you are committed to getting a hearing dog then it is most likely worth the wait. Although it has not evolved much due to it being a relatively new idea. Sally Terroux trained the very first hearing dog in nineteen sixty-eight, but they did not catch on right away. After she trained the first hearing dog, the first organization to train these dogs did not come around until nineteen seventy-five and it was called the International Hearing…show more content…
Although it is made a great impact for those that use it, some do not agree with it. Some of the people that do not agree with it are deaf and some are not. Deaf people have gotten kicked out of restaurants and other places because the owners did not understand why a deaf person would need a service dog. They do not believe that a deaf person would need a service dog because they do not understand what the dogs can do for them. Most people associate service dogs with the blind when in reality they are used for a variety of reasons including diabetes and hearing loss. Members of the Deaf community do not all agree with the use of hearing dogs either. Some think that they are not useful outside of the home and others think they are not useful at all. Those that do not agree with it believe that they are not useful and do not serve a great enough purpose for the Deaf community. However, nobody is required to have a service dog and it is a good thing for those that find them

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