Servant Leadership In Education

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Introduction In Higher Education, investing in student’s development is a priority for institutional leaders at all levels; from the faculty, to the President of the college or university (Kezar, Carducci, and Contreras-McGavin, 2006). Servant Leadership establishes principles that can be used at any echelon level of the institution and since the focus of this type of leadership is on the people or followers (Greenleaf, 1977), carrying this leadership theory into higher education could help the issue of retaining under-represented minorities in STEM programs. Servant Leadership provides a foundation for achieving student success as seen in empirical studies that identify that leadership styles have an impact on achievement of students in grades…show more content…
The empirical studies and theoretical books researched notate themes that connect to serving follower’s needs and providing support that enables them to develop and succeed. The themes discussed next, shall cover the benefits of servant leadership; and the differentiation between transformational and servant…show more content…
Another aspect that may be considered is faculty’s leadership styles and how they affect student persistence in the program. Specifically, the goal is to determine if any of Mason’s Accelerator program faculty implement servant leadership to ensure their student’s success in STEM. A similar problem statement was conducted through a dissertation that focused on high school students and teacher’s leadership styles (Mayberry, 2015). While the dissertation focused on other factors such as encouraging persistence and or inhibiting it, for this course the goal is to gain insight on how servant leadership may benefit and encourage student retention in College STEM programs at Mason. According to Mayberry (2015) leadership styles matter as they increased the Hispanic student’s persistence in successfully completing high school. Similarly, for this project, the focus on leadership styles in higher education matter, and concentrating on determining if servant leadership attributes may be a solution to retaining Hispanics in STEM programs. The questions this project hopes to answer are as

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