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FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE OF COLONIAL SOCIETIES BETWEEN 1600-1650 AND 1700-1750 In the 17th century (1600-1650), European countries: France, England, and Netherlands did create colonies in America. The period was known as the period of ignorance and inhumanity. The first permanent colony to be created by the English was in 1607 in Jamestown by Virginia Company. The colonists were under the leadership of John Smith. The colonists faced rebellion from the natives as they had come to settle on their land. The colonist faced starvation because of the difficulty to find stable sources of food. Therefore, they resulted to tobacco plantation that flourished in the region as an economic activity. The other reason for this plantation was that Jamestown…show more content…
The institution of slavery flourished, and by 1649 Virginia had over 300 African slaves. This enlarged the gap between the rich and the poor, as the rich acquired more land through importation of workers. Public assistance program was to be offered only for the white people. Those freed from slavery were not allowed to own land or receive aid. Free slaves could be enslaved as the slaves had no right over their lives, thus, depended solely on their masters for everything. Enslaving of free slaves was made possible by the pro slavery regulation. The slaves were also abused by their master's example; women were raped, and they had no say against them. The working conditions were poor and inhumane. In the1620s Pilgrims also settled, but they had religious freedom aim in the land. In the early 17th century lifestyles of colonial societies in America were brutal, nasty, and their life span was short. Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, and influenza plagued these settlers. People born in Virginia barely reached the age of…show more content…
The major exports were fishing from the north colonies, and crops like tobacco, rice and corn from the southern colonies. The northern colonies also had shipping and manufacturing industries that made their economy flourish. The economy during this time had been divided on the lines of the rich and the poor. There was a hierarchy at home and the state level; men ruled their wife's, parents their children and masters their servants. Socially, those who had wealth were given more respect and status. In 1619, the colonies formed a body that had the power to make and change rules of the society. The individuals in this body were from the wealthiest in the society. The leadership was inherent from one generation to the next. The leaders lived in beautiful homes while commoners lived in two roomed dwellings. The people below the poverty line lived in churches and worked the lands of the wealthy. The period of 1700-1750 was a period of illumination where individuals came out of their ignorance cocoons. The primary reason was the development and change of most of the colonies in North America. This period brought more social equality and cultural freedom. Much of the inhuman activity from the 1600’s had

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