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Yes, I may be German but for one I don’t like sauerkraut and two I’m happy I’m not related to Hitler. I am Natasha Oeltjenbruns and I’m 14. Today I’m going to tell you about myself so hopefully your ready because it’s going to be a long story. So let’s begin shall we. I have asked a couple people about my family’s origin but no one on my mom’s side of the really knew where they originated from so I’m going to stick with telling about my dad’s side of the family. My family did originate from Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. As Lavonne, my grandmother has told me her family all came from Germany. She too grew up in Germany with her family she didn’t know English until her sister Glema started school here in America. A lot of her family then moved to Mountain lake, Minnesota. When her family got there they then started the Mennonite colony. The Mennonite colony was a religious colony kind of like the Amish. My great,…show more content…
I am an ISFP which means I’m introversion, senseful, feeling, and perceptional. Natural lover personalities for this kind of personality are two different kinds of personality types ESFJ and ENFJ. When it comes down to finding friends people with the ISFP personality can be friends with just about every single type of personality. There are lots of different jobs and majors people with the ISFP personality can do and take. For jobs, there are the main nine jobs that go with the personality. Those nine jobs would be; Artist, musician/composer, child care /early childhood development, social worker/ counselor, teacher, psychologist, veterinarian, forest ranger, and pediatrician. There are many different majors you can take when you have this personality so I went through and picked out three of the majors I thought would be fun to do for myself. Those three majors would be; nursing, education, and dietetics. Some of the other traits that people said I had been; shy, friendly, funny, awkward at times (in a good way), and
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