Disadvantages Of Biochemical Warfare

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The ethical question of biochemical warfare When looking at biological warfare there are many pro’s when considering what advantages biowarfare could give a country in a war situation; but looking at the ethical side of biowarfare, that tells a different story. When considering biological warfare we need to look at it from many different angles, to understand the whole picture. We need to look at the advantages and disadvantages, the ethics, who will benefit, the severity of the threat and the laws and regulations concerning biowarfare. Advantages and disadvantages of biological warfare Advantages Disadvantages Highly efficient It can cause massive collateral damage Cheap and quite easy to create Too unpredictable ( it could harm your own…show more content…
Biological warfare can be use for terrorism. We life in an era that promises the beautiful prospects of unlimited information at our fingertips, the disadvantage is that any terrorist group has the same information at their fingertips as the scientist trying to cure a disease. This biological warfare is highly efficient and causes massive collateral damage. It’s cheap enough and easy enough for a terrorist group to create. The pathogen is extremely easy to disperse through air waves or water, yes it is very unpredictable and may kill a fee of the terrorists but most terrorists are willing to die for their cause. The pathogen could easily spread further than its intended target, which isn’t a massive problem for terrorists because collateral damage isn’t a problem for them. The bad stigma attached to biological warfare could help create mass hysteria and panic which could help the terrorist group rule the world in…show more content…
And we haven’t had a biological Armageddon just yet. Although I will admit that we’ve advanced our techniques a little; compared to the old times when dead bodies, containing the bubonic plague, were flung over walls. To infect and kill the occupants inside the city walls. Newly found records showing that Nazi scientists who conducted their experiments in the Dachau concentration camp during world war II, were the ones who used mosquitoes to carry malaria. According to the National Geographic’s article by Dan Vergano “Nazi Scientists may have plotted malaria mosquito warfare”. Plans show the research done on which mosquitoes would last the longest on the planes, so that the Germans could release the Mosquitoes above their enemies. The Nazi Scientists knew that the mosquito wouldn’t be a problem for them due to their cold weather and lack of breeding grounds (swaps) in their country. One biological attack that was conducted roughly 73 years ago is still killing more than a million people a

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