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Since the slave era and colonial era, racism and ethnic discrimination against Negro has been a major issue in US. In the past, Negros were get discriminate by white people and have been known by different names such as Blacks, Negros and Coloureds. The term of “nigger”, used by the white people from southern part of US, showed the discrimination against Negro was very bad. During that time, all the Negroes were being treated unfairly. There was a heavy racial segregation in US such as segregation of opportunities, facilities and services such as education, transportation, medical care and employment. In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson set the segregated of Federal Civil Service. For instance, blacks and whites were required to eat separately,…show more content…
It began from 1955-1956. In December 1955, a seamstress named Rosa Parks who lived in Montgomery, rejected to give her seat up to a white passenger on a Montgomery bus. When she rejected, she was arrested for violating the Alabama bus segregation laws and fined fourteen dollars. On the night that Rosa Parks arrested, MLK was nominated as a leader to lead the Montgomery bus boycott to eliminate racial segregation on the bus system laws. All black men and women were not riding bus until 20 December 1956, almost 13 months in protest of the arrest and trial. Many Negro chose to walk or take a cab to work. The boycott was ended after 381 days, and Montgomery residents were granted equally to bus seats. The Montgomery Bus Boycott can be identified as a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement and it was hugely significant on the American Civil Rights Movement. It was the very first protest for Ngeros’ Civil Rights that caught attention in American society at that time. Apparently,that protest had created an opportunity for Negro to seek for fair treatment from the society other than through the law system. It showed that Negro united and fighted for a cause that could stand up to segregation, and was big step towards integration and civil rights for Negro in America. Other than that, in his MIA’s leadership, Martin Luther King appeared as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement while also solidifying his promise to…show more content…
MLK is a person who had a dream big and always put followers first. He decided to chose the hardest life when he assumed a leadership role in the Civil Rights Movement and chose to support the non-violent approach. Although he knew that this approach would be more hard and difficult and his life became dangerous, but he still stayed committed to his vision as it would be more beneficial to his race. He was arrested about 30 times and assaulted at least 4 times. Despite being warn, stab on the chest, church bombing, home bombing, he would not stop fighting for his goals in driving towards social justice, and for the betterment future generation. As a result, moral leadership of MLK showed that he was able to motivate and lead his followers to success by ending segregated

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