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The Warning In The Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson, delves into the story of Ambassador William E. Dodd and his family as they experience the rising of Hitler’s regime in the late 1930s. Dodd came back with a dire warning to all nations about how the third reich would infest Europe and the world, yet no one would listen to his alarm, which would impact the world in immense ways; reviews praise this to be a historical marvel. Dodd tried to get his warning out to the public to save Europe from corruption and destruction. Most normal people overshadowed the cry for help with public affairs and their own problems. The world did not listen to the facts collected within the threshold and ultimately paid the price. William E. Dodd did not start out…show more content…
As one review states, “Larson has meticulously researched the Dodds’ intimate witness to Hitler’s ascendancy and created an edifying narrative of this historical byway that has all the pleasures of a political thriller… a fresh picture of these terrible events” (“Garden” 2). This shows that Larson wanted to explain a story that not many people know about, but was very important for the time and for the future. The review also explains how much detail the book has and why that is so important to the story and for the reader. In another case, the review analyzes, “...and fresh perspectives can still reap rewards for historians and readers alike… Into this category goes Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, a disturbing but highly compelling account of the life of the American ambassador to Germany and his family during Hitler’s rise to power” (Spanberg 1). To illustrate, the review points out that the book is helpful for both readers and historians to understand what happened in the past. The excerpt shows how vivid the story is and how it drags the reader into the eyes of William E. Dodd. Both of these reviews explain how the book is a direct link to the past, showing troubles, trials, and

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