Jack The Ripper Case

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In 1988 during an eleven week period, occurred the most well-known and clever serial killer case of all time, Jack the Ripper. This case took place in Whitechapel and Spitalfields in the East end areas of London, England. The first victim of the Jack the Ripper case was a prostitute, Mary Ann Nichols who was found with her throat slit open and several incisions in her abdomen. Annie Chapman was the next victim who was also a prostitute. Annie was found with her throat slit, stomach cut open, her intestines were removed left on her shoulder and organs missing with still no trace to be found. Elizabeth Stride was a part time prostitute who was the next victim, her throat had been slit all the way from ear to ear to her spine. Next was Catherine…show more content…
Jack the Ripper was described to be a white male between the ages of 28-36 and living or working in Whitechapel, just as Barnett was. There was an assumption that Jack the Ripper had an absent or passive father in childhood; Barnett’s father died when he was 3. The killer probably had a profession where they could legally practice these destructive behaviors. According to Bruce Paley, “Serial killers have sought a job where they could vicariously experience their destructive fantasies, such as a butcher, morticians helper, medical examiner, or hospital attendant” (Paley 220) Barnett was a fish porter which would mean he had experience in boning and gutting fish. It is said that Jack the Ripper probably stopped his killing spree because he was either arrested for another crime, or because he felt that the police were close to discovering him as a killer. Barnett was interviewed after the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, the police did not appear to have suspected him further (Ryder, 2014. Lastly, it was likely that the killer had some sort of physical defect which was the reason they had a great deal of anger and or frustration. According to the contemporary news report, “Barnett repeated the last words spoken to him at the inquest. This could be a sign of echolalia, a speech impediment” (Ryder 2014). The F.B.I psychological profile leaves many unanswered links between Jack the Ripper and…show more content…
Whereas the murder of Mary Jane Kelly was much more horrific compared to the other women, he body was almost completely torn apart and mutilated. The fact that her injuries were so much more severe than the other woman, indicated that the killer must have had a personal tie to this victim. Mary Jane Kelly’s face was said to be “hacked beyond recognition,” which could mean that he couldn’t stand to look at her face while he tore her body apart. The most interesting connection is that the heart of Mary Jane Kelly was missing from the crime scene. Taking her heart could symbolize him finally having what he had longed for, for such a long

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