Phil Spector Case

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“On an average studies show that people are 21 times more feasible to be murdered or killed by someone they know then a stranger on the street.” How coincidental is it that two non-related cases have similar outcomes. Both murderers killed someone they knew. While most people feel safe around their loved ones or people they may know for long periods of time as an outsider looking in it might be safe to say that people should be very observant as well as aware of the people they conjugate with. Fame is not always everything. Sometimes being so smart can also be a curse for other parts in your life. Phil Spector was known for his creative ways with music. Working with famous people such as Tina Turner,…show more content…
People who are often intelligent in one area generally lack common knowledge with other things. In this case Phil Spector was so intelligent with music that he essentially lacked the human communication and social skill. He was far from in tune with people that when he did get around people he didn’t know how to act. Phil over time began to drink to cover up whatever he was going threw but also a lot of other feelings. When he drank he would get into these uncontrollable rages. Do we know specifically set him off? Phil was said to have a history with guns as well as drinking. This time it was taken too far. He killed a young women February 3, 2003, by the name of Lana Clarkson. She was found in the foyer of Spector’s eccentric, castle style house in the Los Angeles suburb. Lana was shot in the mouth. (New York Times) Stated that Spector had been out with Ms. Clarkson that night. They both had been drinking. He took her to his home were they continued to hang out
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