Cross Country Practices-Personal Narrative

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“Hurry up Jake!” “I’m coming GOSH!” Soon my sister and I were out the door and on the way to practice. “Look, we’re fine.” I said, pointing at the car’s clock. “I like being early.” My sister replied, clearly annoyed. Personally, I didn’t care if we were late or not. I hated cross country practices. Every day was the same to me. First some stretches, then a warm up run, the more stretches, then a harder run, and finally a cool down run. It all seemed so pointless to me. Yet I was forced to endure day after day of the same grueling process. I could be doing so many things but I was stuck at pointless practices. As the days went by and the school year approached, so did our first test: Time Trials. I was not looking forward to it to say the least.…show more content…
I knew I was going to do bad on the race. The girls were racing first so I had to sit there thinking and thinking about my race, always thinking of the worst case scenarios instead of trying to find the positives. After a few hours it was our turn. I was already feeling a little tired from the warm ups we did, making me think I would do even worse. As we approached the line everyone was smiling and laughing but me. Then our coach came over and said “Ready…” I tensed up ready to try my best, “GO!” I flew off the starting line only to realize I was still behind almost everyone else. I slowed down and settled into a nice pace as almost all of the other guys got farther and farther away. I tried not to get too discouraged but it was a little hard to do seeing that all of my friends were faster than me. But I kept my pace and kept trodding along the dusty path. My sister cheered me on, yelling stuff at me I already knew to do. “Keep your pace!” “Don’t slow down!” “Keep going!” In the end I finished in the last ¼ of the group. Depressed, I went back home, feeling like I’d never be a good

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