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A rampaging killer known as buffalo bill to the public is kidnapping and murdering young women across the Midwest. Believing it takes one to know one, the head FBI agent sends the new agent in training, Claire Starling, to interview a prisoner who may provide insight to who the killer is. The prisoner in questioning is psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lector, an intelligent man who also happens to be a murderous cannibal. He must be kept in a separate cell with a glass wall to prevent him from biting or eating any of the other inmates or guards. His actions throughout the movie clearly indicate that he has a psychological disorder and he could very well be diagnosed with more than one. The diagnosis that I believe to be the most prevalent is from…show more content…
Dr. Lector is very charming due to his polite, intelligent, well-spoken, well-mannered qualities. Although agent Sterling was only there to work on a murder case, Dr. Lector was able to get her talking about her personal life and problems she faced growing up, despite clear directions from her boss not to do so. In a way he asked about Sterling’s life to make it like a game for him. Lector was so intent on getting sterling to talk about her life because I think he wanted to remind her that he is a very intelligent psychiatrist despite his criminal background, and not to forget that his intellectual abilities out do hers. Lector was fully aware that he could get Sterling to do what he wanted because of his manipulative ways and he used this to his…show more content…
Treatment is unlikely because most people who have this disorder are unaware they have a problem and don’t believe they need to change. Typically antisocial who seek care do so for other problems such as alcohol or drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, or marital related issues. Because many people who have this disorder will be required to attend therapy in a jail setting, the desire to improve one’s behavior is not always there. However if I were attempting to treat someone with this personality disorder, there are a few things I would recommend. Psychotherapy could be used to discuss the patients antisocial behavior and feelings, or lack of feelings, when they should be there. Helping the patient make connections between feelings and behaviors is key with this. Cognitive therapy may also be helpful. The goal with this is to help the client understand how he creates his own problems and how his perceptions of himself are not aligned with the way others view him. There are currently no medications approved by the Food and Drug administration to treat antisocial disorder. However, several types of psychiatric medications may help with certain conditions associated with this disorder such as aggression. These medications may include antidepressant or mood stabilizing medications. To help prevent this disorder early intervention should

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