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There are many theories in relation to serial killers, some theories stem from the killers upbringing while other theories focus on their social skills and how they functioned in society. Some concepts go as far as religious aspects like that of demonic possession, the battle of good and evil, or mental illness like schizophrenia. However, the Biopsychosocial Theory is a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors that come together like ingredients to form the mind of a serial killer. Religious theories are normally discarded due to the lack of scientific proof; however it’s not safe to dismiss these theories entirely because they are associated with an individual’s social affiliations and mental beliefs. Understanding the…show more content…
Elizabeth Bathory is also a serial killer that will send chills crawling under your skin. She was a countess and her family was very prominent and respected until their bloodline was eventually plagued with epilepsy and incest. What was once a family composed of judges, knights, bishops, cardinals, and kings became a family full of sadist, murderers, and alcoholics. Bathory was much like Rais in regards to torture and her victims being children. She also sent her servants to pick up the young girls and bring them to her, also the same as Rais. At one point, Bathory’s family claimed she was under demonic possession because she practiced Satanism which she learned from her Aunt. It is said in the spiritual world that once a human begins to practice in the art of black magic they open doorways and become more susceptible to demonic possession. It is also believed that if a human does not believe in God and the Devil, he/she cannot be possessed, so religion and spirituality play a significant role in demonic possession. A person cannot claim demonic possession in the Court of Law, it would be categorized as a mental illness because we can explain a mental illness, we cannot however, describe demonic possession. Is it possible that people who have pled insanity have actually suffered from demonic

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