John Knowles: The Casanova Killer

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John Knowles born on April 17, 1946 in Orlando Florida his nicknames are The Casanova killer, Lester Daryl Gates , Daryl Golden. His father gave him for foster homes, and reformatories after he was convicted of petty of a crimes. Knowles was first incarcerated at the age of 19, and in the years following he would spend his time in prison. Knowles claims to kill 3 people that night because Angela broke it off with him. His first victim was 65 year old Alice Curtis, he broke into her home. And gagged her and later she die of choking on her own dentures, well he was searching for money and other goods. Then he recognized a family acquaintances Lillian and Mylette Anderson. Lillian was 11 years old and seven year old Mylette Anderson.Victim

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