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Common Core Math Standards vs. Minnesota Math Standards What are the common core standards for education? What is their purpose? Have all fifty states adopted the common core standards? What are the Minnesota standards of education? Is one set of standards better than the other? These are questions that many educators and future educators are asking and contemplating. This paper will attempt to explain and give a better understanding of the importance of standards in education. The common core standards are a set of standards for math and English language arts that were created in 2009 by educators and experts from across the country. These standards were created to help prepare students for entry-level careers, freshmen college-level courses,…show more content…
In order for the state to adopt the Common Core standards legislative action must be taken, unless during the 2015 revision the MN Board of Education chooses to adopt them with approval from the governor. As this paper is trying to compare and contrast the Common Core mathematics standards and the Minnesota mathematics standards the focus will be on fourth grade standards. This is in order to get specific and compare the differences at a grade level. Also, by not being so broad there will be a better understanding of what each set of standards focuses on. The common core math standards focus on three key shifts in curriculum; a greater focus on fewer topics, coherence: linking topics and thinking across grades, and rigor: pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application with equal intensity. Fewer topics covered is trying to increase the students understanding of the most important concepts at each grade level, this will allow students to gain a strong mathematical foundation. The students will have a solid understanding of concepts and a better ability to apply their knowledge and problem solving skills in and outside of their math class (Key Shifts in…show more content…
When looking at the list of Common Core fourth grade math standards there are three lists which starts with an explanation of the three focus areas, followed by an overview of the standards, ended with a listing of the standards and explanation of all standards in the grade level. Not only are the standards clearly listed but they are clearly explained and easy to

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