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Sparking the Great War The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is regarded today as the moment that sparked the first international war in human history, World War I. The assassination has been disputed in the sense that his assassination was unjustified. Although some assassinations like that of Saddam Hussein have been justified, Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s was not. The Archduke was considering a new way of running Austria-Hungary and an alien form of holding power more evenly and fairly. Thus, the unjustified assassination of a newfound Archduke constituted the infamous and detrimental Great War. Archduke Franz Ferdinand claimed ‘heir to the throne’ after several premiere heirs died. As a result, Ferdinand came to prominent power and influenced the people of Austria-Hungary either negatively or positively. The current sovereign established himself as a monotonous, peasant-loving ruler as he married a woman named Sophie Chotek who happened to be under the aristocracy status. Furthermore, the aforementioned factors imprinted citizens’ minds with an idea that Ferdinand was not the ideal ruler. It is essential to…show more content…
Just like when Kennedy engaged the US into the Cold War, citizens were nipping at his heels. On the contrary, the nonviolent war established the US as the hegemonic power of the world. Similarly, Ferdinand could have done the same if he wasn’t killed. Ferdinand’s implementation of a three-branched government like the United States’ instead of two could have catapulted Austria-Hungary to a new political standard. In addition, Ferdinand’s idea of a federalist state was for the well-being of his country as to keep it competitive in the growing world. In each of these ways, Ferdinand assistance to Austria-Hungary overruled his dislike among the people; thus, the Archduke’s assassination is suggested to be unjustified yet

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