Spanking Children Research Paper

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Spanking has been debated for years among parents, teachers, counselors and psychologists. Whether to spank or not is a parent’s decision when raising their child. Most people feel that spanking may lead problems later in life and others may feel this is an appropriate way to discipline their child. I believe that spanking is a good way to teach children right from wrong and will help them understand situations better when growing up. Spanking children of the appropriate age will help them realize immediately what they have done wrong, it will show who demands respect, and spanking will also show that some behaviors are just not deemed okay. Age matters when it comes to disciplining a child. I feel that spanking is acceptable and sometimes a necessary form of discipline. “Fear is essential to respect. Children won’t do what we tell them to do unless at some level they fear the consequences that will come from not…show more content…
For example, an “African woman spanked her child in line at a grocery store and she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, although she only used her hands” (“When Spanking a Child has nothing to do with a beating”). In Sweden, the have the first national band on corporal punishment for children. Back in 1979, Sweden was the first of 24 countries to introduce a ban on smacking children. During that time, traditions believed that would lead to unruly kids. According to the chairperson of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights, Ruby Harold-Claesson says that “In Sweden patents are afraid of their children” (In 30 years without spanking, are Swedish children better behaved?). They don’t date correct them for fear of being reported. She also adds that it’s a crime to smack a child. On the other hand, Mrs. Harold- Claesson who also contributed to the New Zealand smacking law claims that the law prevents parents from controlling their
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