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The very word “Pirate” brings to mind buried treasure, Sword fights, Jolly Roger Flags, and Feathery hats. But how similar are these descriptions to the real world of pirates? Piracy is as old as the history of sailing and has always been present throughout history. Wherever there are trade routes or traveling grounds with wealthy travelers, pirates will be there. One of the most famous time periods involving pirates was the Golden Age of Piracy, where the seas were splattered with blood and thievery. At the end of the 17th century after a period of relative peace in Europe was when piracy really flourished, with approximately 2,500 to 10,000 active pirates roaming the seas bringing terror and fear into many seamen such as Black beard, Calico,…show more content…
This essay will explore At the time of the Golden Age of Piracy Europe was in a peaceful state. Wars against the Spanish and the French reached a standpoint and many soldiers returned home. The war specifically was called the Spanish Succession in which various nations fought over land and ownership rights. Casey Sheehan, author of Tracing the Golden Age of Piracy writes in his article, “As the conflict among the three countries (France, England, and Spain) was resolved peace came to Europe”(Sheehan). One of the most obvious characteristics of peace is that there is no war. These three countries did not go through the devastating effects of bombs, conquerors, mass deaths, and wasted resources. The economy did not fall either and the environment was not destroyed by weapons…show more content…
Most have never even heard of this Era. The Golden age did not just consist of buried treasures and sea adventures, this distinct period in history was full of notorious sea robbers and criminals who flourished throughout the trade routes stealing jewels and ransacking vessels. Although many historians still argue the exact date for the beginning of the Golden Age of Piracy, experts such as Christopher Minster who is a Latin American History expert state in articles on pirates, “The period from 1700 to 1730 is roughly designated as the Golden Age of Piracy”(Minster). This Era happened right after the Spanish Succession when Europe was at a standpoint and peace was reached. Piracy has always been around trade routes, yet specifically between 1700-1730’s was when piracy reached astounding levels of treasure and pirate attacks. What made the Golden age really stand out from other piracy in the seas were the pirates who became famous throughout the ancient world. The pirates at the time became the most overwhelming and influential in the history of sea raids and piracy. Many modern legends and tales about pirates are taken from the Golden Age. The reason for that is due to the fact that this era produced some of the finest pirates around. The most famous of the pirates during this age was Blackbeard. According to Cindy Valler, editor and reviewer of

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