Qualities Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Three Qualities of Odysseus The character Odysseus is one of the first, and still one of the greatest, heroic characters in all of the western literature. Yet Odysseus is no one dimensional “action hero”. Three characteristics which help make Odysseus memorable are his very human qualities of trickiness, charm, and self-pride, all of which plays a huge role in his return from the Trojan War. It is important to note that, one of Odysseus traits is trickiness. During the Trojan War that went on for 10 years Odysseus came up with a plan to construct an wooden horse. Inside the horse they hid a certain force of men inside. The Greeks made it seem like they had sailed away to fool the Trojans. Then the Trojans in excitement took the horse into their city as a trophy in prevail. Then as night falls the Greek force came out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army and destroyed the city of troy ending the war. Another reason why Odysseus is tricky A monster called polyphemus kills several of Odysseus men in a cave. Odysseus comes up with a plan. When the monster leaves the…show more content…
For example his wife Penelope waits 20 years to be reunited with her forever husband Odysseus. She’s been faithful throughout the whole time in hopes that and day her husband will come back alive and they can be together once again. Another reason Odysseus might have charm. When he meets a god that goes by the name of Circe they soon become lovers. But Circe turned all Odysseus men into pigs. Odysseus had to fight to get his men back. Eventually Odysseus forced Circe to take the spell off. For a year Odysseus and his crew sit in luxury. Then finally his crew persuades odysseys to continue their voyage Odysseus agrees. His charm gets Circe to give him two routes that he can take to get back to his homeland Ithaca. To summarize Odysseus has he charm on a select
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