Power In Moore And Gibbon's Watchmen

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Science and knowledge have the ability to be detrimental or beneficial to society, but the real topic of concern is, will people use it to better society or will they use it as weapon? Alan Moore’s unconventional graphic novel, Watchmen is a prime example of how problematic circumstances become when science and knowledge are intertwined with power. Brent Fishbaugh, author of “Moore and Gibbon’s Watchmen, Exact Personifications of Science,” offers an interesting and noteworthy interpretation of the characters presented in the Watchmen. Fishbaugh argues that Moore uses each character to “personif[y] the sciences within the major characters through the test, asks the reader if placing the power of various sciences in the hands of the subject morality…show more content…
Kovacs was described as a “a man of great integrity” but his transition to Rorschach causes him to “see the world in very black and white, Manichean terms” (cite). His personality drastically changes from good to evil when he becomes Rorschach. Best seen in his justification for the Comedian’s attempted rape of Sally, we see how “the man of great integrity” was lost when he assumed his new identity as Rorschach. It’s almost as if this scientific “upgrade” has lost his ability to see the what is good and evil. He has lost his “gray area” and refuses his ability compromise. He is “willing to kill [anyone] to rid society of their filth” (cite) says that compromise is never an option. No matter the situation, “not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise” (cite). Kovacs becomes desensitized and his morals are compromised when he develops into his new identity as Rorschach. The addition of Rorschach’s “viscous fluid” and “latex” mask, embodies the notions that scientific additions can serve as a beneficial or detrimental addition to society. In Rorschach’s case, powers of science were as much detrimental to society as they were to his good personality as Walter

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