Self Esteem And Self Image

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Beauty is pursued by everyone Moreover this growing concern is a gold mine for the cosmetic brands that provide various products that enhance beauty such as shampoos and soaps as well as make-up, hair cares and perfumes. The female market has been there long before the male market. The male body is more and more exposed in the media, advertisement or the cinema and men are more conscious of their body and the need to conform to the injunctions of youthfulness, healthiness, and thinness. Thus, the men conform more and more to certain patterns of beauty and are more sensitive to the cosmetics, like products enable them to improve their appearance, to put it in scene, to dramatize it. However, although men are using more and more cosmetics, it…show more content…
As a matter of fact, the self esteem is directly influenced by the use of cosmetics: the purpose will be to identify in which extent self esteem influence the men behavior. The self concept includes physical, psychological and social attributes which can be influenced by the individual's attitudes, habits, beliefs and ideas. It is learned, organized and dynamic and is not something we are born with. The use of cosmetic products increases the self-image. Since self image can be defined as the mental picture someone has about himself. it is easy to understand that the use of cosmetic aim to improve this image. Basically, the image will improve both on a physical and a psychological point of view. Physical because by using cosmetics, the individual will have a softer and better looking skin and psychological because he will be more confident and will trust himself…show more content…
Marketers working with cosmetic companies should tap into this newly enlarged market, to create products customized for men with appropriate studies to offer the perfect product offering bundle for the specific target market. The perfect example of a company that achieved significant growth due to cosmetic products for men is Nivea. The company conducted a marketing research through which they assessed the brand position as well as the state of the market through SWOT analysis. Taking advantage of the situation, the company forecasted a trend, and through it’s marketing team set SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic) objectives. In hence the company achieved significant growth in sales as well as gaining an improved brand image. Thus the only logical and reasonable action a cosmetic company could do is to invest in this somewhat newly found market, not just to achieve growth in sales, but also to create an improved brand

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