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Blended Learning environment has been in the changing trends with the mode of teaching and learning in present higher education system. The empirical research states that in online environment, students self-regulate themselves in order to achieve better outcomes. Recent quantitative studies highlight the role of learners in the online course format as they required high self-regulation in order to achieve cognition, but there are limited reports that investigate the role of learners in Blended Learning Environment. In parallel to online environment, it is important to investigate about the students' self-regulation and its impact on the cognitive state of the student in blended learning environment. The present study investigates the role…show more content…
Overall, as observed in analysis, Social presence performed better amongst the all construct. Blended learning has become prominent field of study in recent years and typically combines aspects of both digital (online) and in person (face to face) pedagogy. Research study done by Delialioglu (2012) postulated that blended learning in the form of problem-based learning within the traditional lecture-based environment had more capabilities of enhancing students engagement within blended context. The literature by Sorbie J (2015) suggests in order to have a conducive rich learning environment in blended context, it has to be orchestrated with well constituted pedagogy that put emphasizes on the needs of the students to have deep learning experience that promotes students to adopt attitudes and behavioral changes in order to make adjustments to their learning by integrating certain metacognitive skills that promote learners to be critical thinkers, collaborate with peers in order to develop problem solving skills with the use of technology, will enrich communication in order to solve authentic problems that aims for students to be lifelong learners.…show more content…
self-discipline, self-directedness, self-reliance should be studied more carefully in order to have understanding how the learners conceptualise their knowledge and put extra efforts in order to attain learning outcome and this will further help on how the performance of students can be improved for this their study was concentrated on two existing theories i.e. COI model and self-regulated learning SRL theory. There are limited studies done which show accounts of individual-level determinants can foster students’ to engage cognitively and benefit through their learner

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