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Effects of Beauty Standards Portrayed in Social Media on Grade 11 Students in Regards of their Self-Esteem and Mental Health Research question: How does body shaming affect one's self-esteem and mental health? Beauty is in the perspective of a person in regards to pleasing and deep satisfaction in the mind towards a person. Standard is the normal and average requirement in regards to the quality or level of a person. Self-Esteem is ones feeling of satisfaction towards ones abilities or for this topic, appearances. Mental Health is the psychological well-being of a person; ability to be satisfied with the ordinary demands in life. Beauty isn’t something that should be defined since everyone has their own perspective of beauty, when…show more content…
Women these days are affected mostly by body shaming. May it be social media, peers, friends or family, stereotypes. Majority of advertisements portray women who are thin; weight below average, and “beautiful” facial and body features. Images of women presented in social media has a great impact in women in the way they perceive themselves; mostly when it comes to beauty. Different expectations can be seen such as, [1] Women who are 5’10” and weighed only 120 pounds are considered thin, in fact this is also considered as underweight which is unhealthy. The thin female body-type decrease the body satisfaction in adolescents and young adult females. All these images of women presented in social media can affect one’s mental health and self-esteem negatively. Mental health issues and body dissatisfaction can arise from body shaming. [2] When people experience their physical bodies as in some way unattractive, undesirable and a source of a ‘shamed self’ they are at risk of psychological distress and disorders. (Gilbert,…show more content…
Women visualize their body in different particular physical appearances, size, image, and body shape; they express feelings towards these physical traits whether they are dissatisfied or satisfied. In our society that overrates thin bodies, it is greatly possible that body dissatisfaction is common among people. Adolescents are vulnerable to the pressure of society in regards of expected body types; they are in the stage of their lives where different physical and mental changes occur and these changes has a great increase in the concern with physical appearance, which significantly affect eating habits, nutritional health, physical health and their own perception of their body. Various mental disorders occur when a woman is dissatisfied with her physical appearance. Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, and suicidal tendency. Physical disorders such as bulimia and anorexia can be occurred when a person is dissatisfied with their own body; negative eating behaviors and inappropriate eating practices in order to control ones weight are usually related to body dissatisfaction. Inappropriate practices such as, excessive use of laxatives, and self-caused vomiting. Teenagers with negative perspective of their body tends to be depressed and suicidal than those who without excessive dissatisfaction towards their own

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