How Can Participating In Sports Boost A Player's Self-Esteem?

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Parents, spectators, coaches, researches, and even the players believe that participating in sports can boost a player’s self-esteem. On the contrary, sports for some young girls and teens, sports can have an adverse reaction on their self-esteem. While many young men are subjected to lowered self-esteem in sports, young girls take a large hit to their confidence because of their physical build along with many other factors that many female athletes have to deal with both on and off the field. Sadly, because of the low self-esteem that many female athletes have because of mistreatment and judgment by the hand of their coaches and teammates. Many of these athletes turn to harmful practices to ease their pain. However, there needs to be an alternative practice to help female athletes dealing with lowered confidence. Many people believe that participating in organized sports build confidence, leadership, and team building skills. For some people who do…show more content…
In reality, my confidence continued to lower because I was trying to please others rather than please myself. Sadly, some young girls and young women chose to partake in abusing illicit drugs to ease their pain of having low self-esteem. Scholar Bryan Denham states that, “female[s] […] with low levels of self-esteem may be at risk for the illicit use both marijuana and prescription drugs, both of which tend to associate with alcohol use” (Denham, 2014, p.152). Unfortunately, young female athletes who are experiencing the same obstacle that I endured are focused on appeasing their coaches and fitting a certain image than building and working on themselves. Even though many people believe that re-building self-esteem is not attainable, they are completely wrong. It may take time, but it is

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