Cosmetic Surgery For Teenagers Essay

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Cosmetic surgery on teenagers 1. Give an outline of the various view on plastic surgery for teenagers which are presented in text 1 and 2 In both text 1 “Plastic surgery for teens” by Valerie Ulene and text 2 ”More on image and self-esteem” by Camille Sweeney have the same point of view about cosmetic surgery and the general impression of increased self-esteem. The text by Valerie Ulene highlights the surgery when text 2 focuses more on the image and self-esteem. Valerie Unlene tells that in 2007 more than 330,000 adolescents underwent cosmetic surgery, in which means the plastic surgery is grown on the marked, and it is becoming more ordinary. Most adolescents went under the knife in 2007 to get a nose job, breast augmentation, ear reshaping, and liposuction The…show more content…
The dissimilar aspects of plastic surgery in which should or should not be done on teenagers can’t come to one settlement. After all individuals and adolescents are unlike each other and have a different way to handle stuff. Anna Bligh says, ”The main reason is that a surgeon’s blade is better left until one is responsible” She has the generalized image about teenagers that is not responsible in which she can’t say after all everyone has a different state of mind. The Australian state’s argument exhibitor that minors are incapable of making any dissensions and takes their freedom from them. Generally, the state takes the minors decisions of living with responsibility. On the other side Australian state makes sure that only necessary operations are completed on teenagers with an actual need like physically or psychologically. But when questioning whether the government or in general the society has the right to decide which standards and norms are correct for the teens can’t come to one argument. The same time the government can improve the teenager's self-esteem with banning

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