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My score for the “Empowering Others” self assessment was a 25. My score was near the middle of the available range or values (9-45) and indicates that I am comfortable and willing to delegate in certain situations but also have room for improvement. Managerial decisions today require an increasing necessity for empowering others to ensure efficient completion of the tasks delegated. I find the assessment’s score and the interpretation somewhat accurate because at this stage of my life I am not currently working in any management position where I would possess the authority to delegate responsibilities. In the future I will apply a willingness to delegate and make managerial decisions while staying conscious of empowering employees as I transition into this role hopefully within a business profession after graduation and years of experience. One reason I feel the assessments evaluation…show more content…
If your organization is looking for a way to speed processes and still produce quality materials and services, focus on employee empowerment. When you show an employee you trust her, and give her timely information and the authority to find solutions, she will be able to solve problems and provide solutions more rapidly than someone without that empowerment. The use of language, how individuals express themselves verbally and nonverbally to others, can be empowering to both themselves and the people with whom they are communicating. Looking at how language is used is important in terms of self-empowerment and when attempting to empower other people. A manager has to be able to read his employees, in order to efficiently manage them. Reading people helps you understand their mindset, their tastes and attitude. It also helps you determine which approach to use when trying to get them to perform

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