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Journal #2 After completing four weeks of pre-employment training in the co-op program, I have succeeded in building new skills and having a better understanding of the workplace. I have learned and discovered many new things about myself. I also discovered and learned how to write a perfect resumes and references in the right format. Last, I have build on myself on how to be an employee and the rights and laws that protect them from injury. In the paragraph below, I will explain more in details on each of my points. The 10 self-assessments task allowed me to know further deep about the strength and weaknesses of my personality. I had the chance to see myself on what I have to improve, which is self-esteem and assertiveness assessment. I have kind of notice myself being weak at this area, after working at Teriyaki Experience. In beginning, I didn’t get why the manager tend to ask me to do more work than others, when we get pay the same and same position. After completing the assessment, I realize that it is because I never stand up for myself and say no to the works that is not part of my job.…show more content…
I have learned how to get a job by write the correct format of a resume and I know what to put on the resume to make myself look good and sell myself to the employer. I learned about what employer is looking for on the resume and how they decide whom to hire or ask for an interview. These have helped me to succeed the start of entering the second stage, which is having an interview. I need to have a perfect resume that means error free, right format and detail content. This helps me to be a step ahead of people who are like me, just entered or about to enter the work

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