Does Eating Processed Foods Cause Cancer Essay

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Does eating processed foods cause cancer? First article to pop up was “we want organic food” which I found very generic. The article (organic 2007) was completely from other websites and publishers about topics referencing cancer. I searched cancer and causes for the simple reason that everybody is jumping on the “everything and anything cause’s cancer” band wagon these days. True cancer has increased and more deaths are caused by some kind of cancer but where is the evidence that “processed food” is the culprit. My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer a little over a year ago and since we found out I’ve been researching numerous sites All of the sites discuss how to prevent or detect cancer but until a few years ago nobody talked about…show more content…
The only thing I could find with some substance and not just a “not what to do article” was the discussion on what actually makes processed foods so bad for you. The article explained what GMOs, Genetically-modified organisms were and why processed meats have so many preservatives in it. Processed meats are all from animals that also are not organic and are fed processed foods like us. Which makes me question if our processed meats are one of the big issues why not feed our animals organic? The article didn’t really cover researched material and that’s why I chose the second article (Food consumer, 20I2). The second article was completely different then the first the information wasn’t copied and generic. I liked how the second article was written and gave thorough information. The first article didn’t get my attention like the second the site explained why certain foods are linked to cancer cells. The second article advised new and safe ways to prevent eating processed foods. I do feel that it is difficult for most to eat healthy and strictly organic all the time, but it is possible to cut down and monitor what you eat on a daily basis. Being more aware of what your eating and your routine whether it’s your diet, exercise, sleep all

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