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The book of Tony Dungy is a great story about his life. You will find out that he is a man of god and is not afraid to express his faith all throughout the book. You can find these verses or statements on pages one to begin with but as you go through the book I am sure you will find other evidence. He was a very athletic kid growing up. He got his athleticism from both sides of his family but mostly from his mom. His dad was no push over thought. His mom and dad both where a big part of school his father was one of the first African Americans to receive a diploma from his college. You can find evidence about these statements on pages twelve through seventeen. Also his school career was full of activities such basketball, football…show more content…
He brought Tampa to a strong team that was able to play well together and defend their home turf. This evidence could be found on pages twenty one and thirty three. I did and did not like the fact that he left Tampa because he had done so much for them and the team loved him. The town loved him, he was liked all around the town and state. Never the less I definitely like the fact that he came to Indiana and coach one of the most athletic and well-rounded teams in the history of the NFL. His main player or his main puzzle piece to the team was the one and only Peyton Manning. I really like that Tony was apart of drafting him to better the team. And he definitely bettered the team. But Tony gave Peyton the knowledge and work ethic to become one of the best quarter backs in the history of the NFL. You can find these evidence on pages two sixty five and up which will lead to the end of the book. Another reason I like this book is he was a big supporter of Riley Children’s Hospital. Also when he ended his career he still was a bigger part when he retired. One of the things he did was go and give food basket to the families of the sick children personally which made

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