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Report Writing Assessment: Self harm and Self-Injury By Ayah Abushama Table of content: 1. Objective: The aims of the report will be outlined. 2. Introduction: A detailed explanation of the topic will be given 3. Method: How the research was conducted 4. Discussion: The discussion will include ways in which the issue can be solved 5. Conclusion and recommendation: A summary of the report as well as a recommendation for the best way to take care of the issue 6. References: Citation Objective: To inform and raise awareness about self-harm and self-injury as well as to help implement…show more content…
It is said to be helpful by most teenagers. “I feel relieved and less anxious after I cut. The emotional pain slowly slips away into the physical pain.” , “It’s a way to have control over my body because I can’t control anything else in my life.” , “It expresses emotional pain or feelings that I’m unable to put into words.” , “I usually feel like I have a black hole in the pit of my stomach. At least if I feel pain it’s better than nothing.” (The growing wave of teenage self-injury, Jane E Brody, May 6 2008, Health, New York times). According to the New York Times, the following have been quoted several times by many teenagers and all connote and interpret different meanings which however lead to the same action (self-injury). The first quote implies that emotional pain can be so severe that physical pain can inflicted with the aim of over weighing the emotional pain. The second quote evokes a sense of insecurity and a lack of control in one’s life and feeling, the third quote suggests that self-harm can be a means of expressing certain types of emotions or feelings; and, finally the last quote provokes that the person suffers from depression, this is shown by the feeling of emptiness and hollowness explained by him/her. This proves that several reasons can lead to self-harm or self-injury alongside main reasons such as getting bullied and many people also self-harm as a result of attention seeking behavior. According to, girls are three times more likely to self-harm in comparison to boys due to their sensitive nature which is easily altered; many females tend to self-harm because of their insecurities that may have been pointed out or stared at by other people. The main insecurities can include weight, skin tone, complexion and other physical deformities people may be born with as well as personality differences such as lack of confidence. Self-injury does not

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