Light And Darkness In Romeo And Juliet

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William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers to ever exist. Many of his works have even been translated and revised throughout time, but to this day his works are still read and studied all around the world. In one of William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, Romeo and Juliet, the idea and images of darkness and lightness can be recited quite often. These ideas and images represent the characters and tell of their emotional bond. Throughout his play, Shakespeare mostly uses the ideas and imaged about light and dark to associate Romeo and Juliet’s powerful love, romance, and death do-part between each other, and to ultimately show how it reveals the character of lovers. As it unfolds, the plot is set in the town of Verona where two different families, the Montagues and Capulets…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet were planning a wedding and to leave town together if they had to be together. Juliet figures out a way that would allow them to be together, but it means her having to fake her own death to cancel her already arranged marriage with someone else. Juliet then decides she will take a sedative to fake her death, but the person she told to spread the news to Romeo, failed to do so. Romeo hears only the news that she is dead and rushes over to see her body. He believes she is truly dead and decides to take his own life by poisoning himself. Romeo who is thinking Juliet is dead and gone, becomes shocked as she awakes. Then Romeo and Juliet exchange their last time of real true and empowering love, as she knows of Romeos death and waits with him until he passes. Juliet watches her love of life die before her so she too ends her life with Romeos dagger. Consistently shown, Shakespeare’s ideas and images of light and dark are presented and reveal the character of lovers. Again it is presented as when suffering and evaluating death, Romeo
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