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The story “Red Badge of Courage” is a very conflicting and full of twists and turns. This story is filled with fighting and precise literature. The thing that stands out most to me in this story is it consists of many different themes. I feel the biggest theme in this story is, “duty.” This is a very important theme for the reason at the beginning of the story Henry had a sense of duty that he needed to go to war. Later on in the story he was scared and nervous and ran away from the first battle in fear showing no valor. Later on in the story after being hit in the head by a fellow soldier of his own kin he had an awakening. I think he felt an even bigger sense of duty and knew that he came to fight for a reason and wasn’t going…show more content…
I believe this for the reason at the beginning of the story Henry was a very arrogant and naïve boy, but he still had a sense of duty toward his country. I believe he saw that he wanted to prove to his friends and family he was going to be a soldier and go to war. In the theme, he showed the first step to showing a sense of duty. Later on, he didn’t step down and was determined to sign up to join the war. This takes bravery to even sign the sheet that the government is now going to use your life. At the first battle and as his regiment is being ambushed he loses his duty and runs away as fast as possible. I believe this shows that he lost his bravery for signing up and is now an ungrateful and uncourageous person. But, I find this turn in events very interesting. After Henry was hit in the head with the butt of a gun, he makes an awakening. A new force has been unleashed in his body. The next day in chapter 17 his regiment lead the battle at the front lines and Henry fought like a Storm Trooper tackling and eliminating enemy rebels. This chapter showed that Henry had matured and grown from his past mistake of running away losing all duty. I believe he learned to become valor, brave and to keep a sense of duty to fight for what he loved…show more content…
I believe the biggest traits of his is; cruelty, arrogance, and finally valor. I think this for the reason in chapter 10 there was an older injured man called the Tattered Soldier (Henry never learned his so this is what he recognized him as). The tattered soldier begs Henry not to leave him and to stay with him but Henry insists on leaving and he also suspects the tattered soldier will die without his presence to guide him. I consider another trait of Henry is his arrogance. Henry insists on going to war and knows little/nothing about it and jabbers to his fellow comrades about how grand he will be on the field. When he runs away and comes back with a bloodied forehead from being butted on the head with a rifle in chapter 13, he tells his fellow mates that he was shot in the HEAD… This shows his arrogance and tells you he still may not be trusted in battle. My final view on his trait is in chapter 17 he fights like a wild beast in the arms of death and fire. He shoots continuously like clone trooper firing at enemy battle droids. He continues his gunfire for a couple of minutes at nothing because he is so focused on the battle. I say this is the most important trait because he changes from a naïve boy to a respected dutiful

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