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Odalis Guzman Intro Chicano STudies TR 1230-145 Enrique's Journey Enrique's journey immediately impacted me in a way i never thought a book would. I'm an avid reader and i love to read anything and everything i like and love a lot of books but none like enrique's journey. ive read enrique's journey three times and each time i cry and each time i put myself in the shoes of enrique and in the perspective of Lourdes enriquez mom. You read books to get to know someone's story and i felt like enrique's journey surpassed that for me , i felt like i related so much to the story and to the book, like these were real life things that i hear about in my life and that i hear relatives talking about i related to the story and i felt my own pains through the book. Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario is one of the best books i've read , I love the fact that sonia nazario puts herself out there and does the journey just like enrique would have . Sonia doesn't skimp on any details of the story and the things that happen to these people while on these journeys , which is why it feels so real and you feel as…show more content…
I say this because i feel that enrique and esperanza both felt like the were different from other people and that they weren't normal like the other kids. Esperanza always felt like she was an outcast because she had to go home for her lunch where as the “cool” kids at school ate their lunch at the Canteen , She always felt like she wasn't cool enough or good enough. While Enrique never felt normal, he would see all the kids with their parents and he had neither no dad and no mom . He longed to have a family like all the other kids and be able to give his mom a hug , to be able to smell and remember his mom's scent. They both had different internal issues that they faced, but they both connected in the way that they felt like

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