Explain The United Nations Convention On The Right Of The Child Framework

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There are plenty of different frameworks that work to provide quality care for children and young people who are being looked after. One of the frameworks is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989. This framework thinks about their rights at an international level. The framework includes the right to be free from violence, to play, to express yourself and the right to have your views taken into action. The United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child framework certifies that if a child is living away from home, they are still treated fairly and their individual needs are met and taken into consideration. This framework works for people ages 17 and under. This policy could help them in many ways. The framework ensures if a child is living away from home they can still receive care individually tailored. This is going to be a huge help to the individual and their family. The policy will give a huge amount of support to all the family. If the family are unable to care for the individual themselves, they will not have to worry that their child will not be looked after, as this framework ensures…show more content…
The main ones used in the UK are the department of health. This is responsible for public health and it monitors the NHS. It provides easily accessible services for wellbeing with qualified and dedicated staff. The National Health Service is also used. This has a duty of care and assistance for children and family. All staff work close with other agencies as a multi-disciplinary team in the care plans for individuals. The National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services is also used. This sets standards for children’s health and social services. It makes sure that multi-agency working is consistent when working with

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